Free Bar Code Generator

Free Bar Code Generator 

An underused tactic for authors is using your own bar code in the back of your book cover in a way that can integrate the bar code and ISBN number into the design. There are a number of bar code generators out there, but at best will require you create an account, and at worst are outright spammy. So, Dave at Kindlepreneur thought He'd make his own. It's completely free, absolutely no strings attached.

Not sure how to use bar codes or where to specifically put them?

 No problem, He’s got you covered.

 At the bottom of the ISBN bar code generator page, he gives a detailed explanation of bar codes, how authors are using them, and what each type looks like and does.

 For example, did you know there are three types of ISBN bar codes? He breaks down all three on the generator page.

 So enjoy and be sure to share with your fellow authors.

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