Time for PsyQ (Quantum Talents Series)

Time for PsyQ (Quantum Talents Series)Time for PsyQ by Marti Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fantastic adventure awaits!

The first book in Marti Ward's Quantum Talents series, "Time for PsyQ," is a fantastic adventure written for middle-grade readers. The protagonist Airlie, a super cool girl with special abilities who uses them to solve mysteries, intrigues Inspector Jonathan Humble. As the school year comes to a close, Airlie receives two super interesting invitations. First, she's offered a scholarship to a new middle school that has special classes in cool stuff like Quantum Psychology. And then she's also invited to a summer camp organized by Inspector Humble himself! It's obvious that these invitations and her growing powers are all linked together. Airlie just can't say no to the chance of discovering more about her special gifts and meeting other people with psych powers at the camp…

Middle school and early adolescent readers will enjoy this supernatural adventure. The story is captivating, both in terms of plot and writing. You won't be able to put down the first book in the Quantum Talents series once you start reading it. Any young person who enjoys thrilling and magical adventures will enjoy this. Highly recommended for tweens and teens. Five stars.

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