Jai’s Vision: A Medieval Tale of Magic, Swords & Sorcery (Book 1)

 A medieval tale of magic, swords and sorcery...

The year is 1304 A.D. in the Yorkshire area of England. King Dunstan reigns in Europe over the Kingdom of Misty Hill. The King’s castle stands large, beautiful and strong surrounded by large fences and all of his knights and their squires. Not far off from the castle lives the townspeople enclosed by the safety of the Northern Woods and the mystery of the Dark Woods to the South of the Castle.

The story showcases a young squire named Jai and his best friend, the beautiful princess Amelie. As the story unfolds we follow both of them on their adventures from their secret meetings in the Northern Woods to their forbidden steps through the Dark Woods. Most especially, though, we follow Jai who quickly develops an unforeseen talent for seeing visions.

As Jai and Amelie journey along their days, another kingdom from across the land arrives for The Medieval Games. As The Medieval Games begin, Jai uncovers secrets about the other kingdom to imply that they are more than what they seem - secrets that only he and Princess Amelie are privy to. What will they do with those secrets? What is the other kingdom really there for, if not for The Medieval Games? If he keeps secrets from the King will he risk his chance at knighthood?


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