Connecting Beyond: Observing & Learning Relationships

Connecting Beyond: Observing & Learning RelationshipsConnecting Beyond: Observing & Learning Relationships by Gila Belfair
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One of the most inspirational books I’ve read this year...

In this book, the author tells the story of her life. Embedded within its pages are insights she has gained in her life from personal and professional experience. Her studies of human nature, personal growth, and her own professional development has shaped her into a knowledgeable and wise person when it comes to matters of the heart.

To paraphrase a section of the introduction she states that this book was written for anyone who has shied away, like herself, from building a life with someone, but was, nevertheless, willing to stare that fear in the eye. She wants to convey the message that building a life with someone is possible - for those in a relationship, who feel lost, who feel that something’s not working, who, perhaps, reject their spouses, or even hate them. There are stages and periods in life when it’s natural to feel this way, and there is something we can do about it.

The book contains autobiographical sections interspersed with theoretical commentaries containing insights that stimulate self-awareness, development, and personal growth. Indeed, profound thoughts are explained here in the simplest of terms. That’s all I can say about this book. It is difficult to write a more objective review because the impact the author will have on you will make you see life and its problems in a wise and practical way. The book should NOT be read – it should be absorbed and reflected upon.

This book will help you to clarify your thinking, process your feelings, and make better decisions. If you are you ready to stop drifting through life and design a life you love, this book with help you on your journey. The author has put her heart in the pages of this book and will encourage and give hope to the reader. So many wonderful and courageous people share their experiences through books, and I thank this author for sharing hers.

The overall tone was simply imparting knowledge, personal experience and wisdom in a gentle and generous way. His words will help to better equip you to interpret and handle life in a whole new way, which in turn will bring peace, love and joy into your life. If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement in the face of serious relationship issues (personal or otherwise), this would come highly recommended from me.

No matter what your situation is today, this book will put you on the right path to better things. I’ve been around the block a few times myself and even I found this read to be very insightful. This wonderful new book will show you how to properly tune into life and the simple rules you must follow to achieve this. This by far is one of the best Life Improvement books I’ve read in a long time. The author must be commended for her time and effort for producing such an insightful book. Also, the writing style is friendly which makes for an enjoyable read.

A social worker by training, the author lectures before diverse audiences on The Connecting Beyond model. She also facilitates workshops and conducts individual and couple therapy. She studied Gestalt therapy, couple, and Imago therapy and is a trainer in NLP and guided imagery. She combines these therapeutic approaches and customizes them to each patient's best benefit. I’ve included her bio here because this lady knows what she’s talking about!

Connecting Beyond: Observing & Learning Relationships is a wonderful read that will leave you feeling like a better person for having read it. It’s an impressive work by author Gila Belfair and I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading more from her in the future. I would highly recommend this perceptive and intuitive read. A well-deserved five stars from me.

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