Karma Effect

Karma EffectKarma Effect by Ruth Dayan Wolfner
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A wise, witty and practical read...

Each country has its own set of laws relating to divorce and other family matters. These laws and processes define everything from the waiting periods for divorce to child support payment. Ultimately, the choice for the path you take should be based on your own unique needs, and short term and long-term goals. There is no right way to go about divorce; however, minimizing conflict is a wise decision if there are children involved.

Researching the mechanics of divorce or consulting a divorce attorney can help you make an informed decision about this process and reach as amicable a solution as possible. Having said that, The Karma Effect: A Divorce Lawyer's Diary by Ruth Dayan Wolfner comes into its own as an invaluable resource. ‘This book is a close examination of the institution of marriage and the process of divorce, providing valuable insights that might preserve your marriage—or at the very least, allow you to go through divorce procedures wisely, manage the proceedings effectively, with legal and personal humanness.’

With plenty of real-life stories, sprinkled throughout with humor and emotion, this experienced, wise and intelligent author/ family affairs lawyer teaches us how to recognize what is truly important in life. It’s an excellent book that helps to put things into perspective for those who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. Highly recommended. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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