Nightmare Along the River Nile

Nightmare Along the River Nile (Ebook)Nightmare Along the River Nile by S.E. Nelson
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A powerful narrative about a young man and his loyal friends...

Enslaving another human being is one of the greatest crimes against humanity. Simply because it robs the person of their sense of self, the ability to develop their unlimited potential, and their individual freedom. Slavery was one of the most horrific events in human history, however, this atrocity against humanity continues to this day. The author states that this story was inspired by actual events that happened to many young boys and girls in the 1990s in Northern Uganda, who were abducted by the LRA rebels.

Nightmare Along the River Nile by S. E. Nelson is a fact-based story set against the backdrop of the brutality, oppression and slavery against the people of sub-Saharan Africa. The author tells of Edgar, while on his way home after finishing high school exams, ‘his bus is ambushed by rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in northern Uganda. He and other students are abducted and taken to the LRA headquarters in Sudan where evil awaits. He finds himself caught up in a nightmare he never imagined, and his life is forever changed. Edgar's friends learn of his fate and embark on a challenging and unpredictable rescue mission full of twists and turns.’

Books that cover this kind of subject matter deserve to do well. The author must be commended for highlighting a despicable truth that still goes on in the world today. However, for me, the writing style made this a somewhat difficult read. I found it detracted from the overall message and the urgency desperately needed to bring about an end to modern-day slavery. With additional proofreading and editorial attention this book has the potential of making a great piece of writing. 3 ½ stars from me.

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