On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home

On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily HomeOn Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home by Cynthia Lynch Bischoff PhD
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Create your own reality...

Writing memoirs is a unique way to cherish your past and present with the future in mind. A well-written memoir makes a splendid gift to your upcoming generations and leaves them with a vivid, personal look at your life experiences. The goal of any person should be to, hopefully, create positive memories that last a lifetime. When you recount your life experience to others, it should invoke in you something that stirs the soul and a longing for the bygone days, while instilling a sense of hope for the future.

On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home by Cynthia Lynch Bischoff may be somewhat of an enigma to those who don’t relate to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to our senses. Nonetheless, this eloquently written narrative is the living record of a lady crisscrossed by the personal history of a terminally ill young woman (Lily), and the most intimate fibers of her own being.

‘Based on a true story and filled with wisdom and life lessons, this account describes Lily's inspiring passage from despair to enlightenment as a result of Bischoff's unconventional therapy and compelling and inspirational view of the afterlife. Her story, a journey from heartache to peace, demonstrates that the world is illusory and that we create our own reality.’

People write memoirs to fixate, analyze, share, or rethink past events. This book refers to important and significant moments in the authors life. It’s a heartfelt story that brings the reader face-to-face with important insights about life as she shares her understandings about death and the afterlife.

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