Pete’s Big Chew by Debbie Hefke

Pete's Big ChewPete's Big Chew by Debbie J Hefke
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Learning important life lessons and having fun along the way...

More often than not children relate themselves with the characters of a good story. In such circumstances reading fiction can help them to get inspiration from the characters. These stories often portray real life implications through anecdotes, and as such makes it easier for them to understand the complex aspects of life. Moreover, reading these stories at regular intervals can actually help them to develop a positive outlook towards life, which eventually proves beneficial for good character development.

Debut children’s author and award-winning illustrator Debbie Hefke writes in a wonderfully simple and imaginative style that will guarantee the attention of young minds. If you ever wanted to bond even more with your children or grandchildren, this would be a lovely story to share with them while learning about important life lessons.

The book description gives a sneak preview: ‘Pete decides to take a risk and chew gum for the first time with his best friend Sally. Things do not go as expected. So Many things go wrong as the kids navigate their way through solving a problem. In the end they should have just simply asked for help. Lesson learned by Pete when faced with having fun, protect yourself the best you can. Find out what happens and what he does for future problems.’

It seems to me that this book was created with a lot of love and joy and it’s clear that the author really enjoys creating such wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing with us the gift that you have obviously worked so hard to refine. We’ll be looking forward to Pete the polar bear’s next problem-solving adventure, ‘Pete’s Chilly Experience’. A well-deserved five stars from us!

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