Is there not a cause?Is there not a cause? by Nathaniel Terrell
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An excellent debut collection of poetry and other musings...

If you are somebody who prefers to experience life and savor its moments, sacred, painful, and true, you will find several of your own favorites in this collection that you will return to for sustenance, for pleasure, and for wisdom, and you will never be disappointed. It touches you wherever you are in your own particular way, just the way poetry should.

Each poem conveys important messages about being connected with our soul and with our true nature. The poet uses the power of poetry and its capacity to pry open our hearts and minds in a gentle and welcoming way. It’s in the unanticipated moment when the truth of the poems are realized, do we have an experience that for some of us, becomes like a prayer.

IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? by Nathaniel Terrell is a collection best taken one page at a time. Each poem holds enough wisdom and enlightenment that will remain with you long after you’ve read them. These are poems that will stir the soul. This poetry is truly an invitation to mindful presence where the words and artistic expressions will initiate you, ‘wake you up’ so to speak, and guide you home.

This is a beautiful collection of poems, written by a very talented poet. It is a collection to savor and reread. You will find yourself coming back to it over and over as life changes happen, each time gaining more wisdom, advice, and peace from the words within. The poet invites the reader to slow down, read and enjoy each poem, while reflecting on how it relates to your life.

If you are looking for the poet inside the poem, look for the undercurrent he has left, the continuous hint of feeling can be found everywhere throughout this work. It’s powerful and strong, yet delicate and descriptive His pictures of emotional moods are painted beautifully. He has captured the essence of what a poet is. It’s only on the rare occasion that I get the opportunity to describe a poet in this way.

This is a powerful debut collection containing songs, stories, personal reflection, fiction and scenes of life. ‘Written from the perspective of a passionate, creative black man facing midlife and working hard to share his voice with the world, each poem paints a vivid picture of the soul of an artist… Touching on topics such as life and death, racism, faith, anger, social injustice, division in the nation, and getting up after failure, Nathaniel Terrell's IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? is meant to encourage and to provoke and will take you on a journey that starts fast and dives deep.’

Nathaniel Terrell will make you fall in love with literature again. If you've never liked poetry, you'll love IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? If you haven't read much poetry, this is an excellent place to start. A highly recommended read and a well-deserved five stars. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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