The Broken Promise of a Promised Land

The Broken Promise of a Promised LandThe Broken Promise of a Promised Land by William Hanna
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An uncompromising read, that for some, will be a bitter pill to swallow...

It was William Cowper, the English poet, who wrote that those most eager to find ´truth’ are often those most likely to deny it, when confronted by its obvious presence.

Both truth-seekers and historians alike will enjoy this book. The Broken Promise of a Promised Land by William Hanna takes the reader on a journey through history, society, politics, and religion. It covers everything from the origins of the Cosmos and man to how Zionism hijacked Judaism, among other topics.

Award-winning London-based freelance writer on democracy and human rights, William Hanna, does not waste his time by glazing over his opinions. This book was written to raise awareness in the hopes of a progressive future free of primordial racism and religious domination.

The author skillfully recounts history using scientific and archaeological data, and mercilessly exposes many faiths' ever-evolving myths and propaganda. A book that will generate both contempt and respect in equal measure, it is my hope that the latter will prevail in the end. Very highly recommended and a well-deserved five star from me.

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