Customer Escalations Management: The Golden Recipe

Customer Escalations Management: The Golden RecipeCustomer Escalations Management: The Golden Recipe by Nikolaos Zormpas
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Escalation Management is a well-defined and documented process. It is even handled or managed by a separate dedicated team of people. This "escalation center" function works closely with the service desk function. It also supports the field or on-site support staff who take on maintenance and support roles.

Escalation Management is intended to bring order, structure, focused management attention and additional resources to those customer situations which could otherwise result in a high level of customer dissatisfaction and/or damage to the Service Provider's reputation. These are situations which could lead to significant loss of business or where significant costs may be incurred by the Service Provider to resolve the customer situation. The criteria to trigger an escalation depends on the organization or service provider. But it should be well defined.

Customer Escalations Management: The Golden Recipe by Nikolaos Zormpas shows that being easy to do business with causes positive word-of-mouth to occur naturally and in customer-initiated ways that your marketing department may not otherwise be able to imagine or influence, minimizing the necessary investment in enticements.

Wisely aligning your company with what customers care about causes customers to fall in love with doing business with you, whereby re-purchases and customer loyalty, thereafter, occurs naturally and sustainably. Having a customer escalation management system in place is crucial in any business, regardless of how big or small it is. A very highly recommended book, and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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