Ulster Lament

Ulster LamentUlster Lament by M. J. Neary
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A well-written and exceptional historical fiction...

Ulster Lament by M. J. Neary is a superbly written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The author has excelled in writing a novel that authentically depicts every aspect of the time period. The characters have depth and integrity, and the dialogue is spot-on, taking the reader straight back to another time and place. I imagined myself walking amongst the characters as I was reading.

To summarize the synopsis: Peter Greenwood, born with a limp that makes him unfit for military service, is well aware that he is an embarrassment to his father, a British army officer. The adolescent travels to Belfast to study journalism when he is seventeen years old. Peter gets a position at The Empire, a conservative newspaper, with the help of new friends. His first job is to publish the memoirs of retired captain Evan Pryce, a Transvaal campaign veteran. Peter recognizes a shattered, bitter man who isn't proud of his past from the first meeting. Molly, the captain's wild and unrefined daughter, takes a shine to Peter and spills a few family secrets that aren't quite in keeping with the newspaper's patriotic attitude. Peter becomes a witness to the Pryce family's sworn nemesis, an Irish nationalist seeking vengeance. Despite the fact that his own life is spared, the rebels now possess it. To cover up their crimes, he'll have to rely on his literary abilities. Peter's thoughts are infected by Ulster Lament, a captivating folk tune sung by the ringleader, and he begins to doubt his loyalty to the monarch. He begins to sympathize with the insurgents and believes their wrath is justifiable. Will he go against all he's been taught to value?

If you are looking for a well-written and exceptional historical fiction novel with amazing characters and a gripping plot then Ulster Lament by M. J. Neary will not leave you disappointed. Recommended to all fans of historical fiction and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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