MANY WORLDS - The Novelettes of T. E. Mark - Vol VIII.

MANY WORLDS - The Novelettes of T. E. Mark - Vol VIIIMANY WORLDS - The Novelettes of T. E. Mark - Vol VIII by T.E. Mark
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Another great collection of sci-fi stories...

My uncle gave me a science fiction anthology forty or so years ago. I went through the entire thick red hardcover book. A lifelong love of the genre was sparked by it. The stories in that book made me think outside the box. They filled me with awe for the imagination it took to write them. The book's name is OMNIBUS OF SCIENCE FICTION, edited by Groff Conklin, a well-known and prolific editor of the genre. It was published in 1952, the Golden Age of Science Fiction. It's a sizable book with 562 pages and 43 stories broken up into sections with a similar theme. Some stories are fun, some are thought-provoking, and some are adventurous. I love them all.

Science author, screenwriter, and editor T. E. Mark wrote his first novel, FRACTURED HORIZONS, at the age of 12 in the city of Bath, England, which serves as the setting for the story. He has studied architecture, music, and literature in the UK and the US. He has been writing stories since he was a young child. For national and international magazines, Mark has written a variety of scientific articles as well as novels for both young and adult readers. For universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, he also writes and edits academic papers on a range of topics.

Having read this author several times before, I can safely say he delivers again with his latest collection of sci-fi stories, MANY WORLDS - The Novelettes of T. E. Mark - Vol VIII.

To summarize the synopsis: A computer science student's life is turned upside down when someone from the simulated Earth he built to study how scientists and world leaders will deal with catastrophic climate change contacts him, suspecting his world has been artificially created. SIM … A small rebel contingent of pure humans has decided to act desperately as the world council prepares to outlaw human-human procreation as the planned interbreeding of humans and their synthetic creations is near completion. VINDICATION … Travel between dimensions: the Multiverse. As Paise Atherton, a Quantum Worlds Investigator searches the multiverse for his parents, the girl he loves, and the memories of his missions that are routinely taken from him to hide the terrible effects of interdimensional travel to our universe, Many Worlds gives us a glimpse into his life. MANY WORLDS.

I once again appreciated the dialogue, character growth, and stories. Many of the plot twists I didn't see coming contributed to the book's allure. I began to ponder the events of the book and replay specific scenes in order to piece together more information. The pace of this collection of novellas is just right. Here, very little is as it seems, which is exactly how sci-fi fans will want it.

Finally, it’s well worth checking out the other books in this series. With great writing and excellent storytelling, fans of sci-fi will love these also! Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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