Your Safe Retirement Roadmap: A powerful guide to planning and living a deeply-fulfilled and prosperous retirement

Your Safe Retirement Roadmap: A Powerful Guide to Planning and Living A Deeply-Fulfilled and Prosperous RetirementYour Safe Retirement Roadmap: A Powerful Guide to Planning and Living A Deeply-Fulfilled and Prosperous Retirement by Frank Gutta
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Strategies for a Secure Retirement – a must-read!

The term "retirement" makes the transition into the next chapter of one's life seem like it would be a piece of cake; nevertheless, this is not the case. And to tell you the truth, not everyone finds it to be that simple. You will finally have the opportunity to accomplish everything you've ever dreamt of doing, such as traveling, visiting relatives, volunteering, remodeling your house, relocating to the country, or writing the book you've always wanted to write. However, there is a nagging sense of uncertainty as the retirement age approaches. Can I spend that much money on these things? Can I afford to take my golden years? Will I have enough money to get by?

Author Frank Gutta, CPA, PFS, has been in public practice for over 35 years as a certified public accountant and a personal finance expert. Before that, he worked for a large national CPA firm. For him, nothing is more important than ensuring that retirees don't have to worry about outliving their savings or taking excessive stock market risks. In the book, he offers a solution based on a "4-bucket system" to this problem. This methodology not only teaches you how to secure a lifetime income but also how to hedge against stock market volatility and come up with novel solutions to the cost of long-term care. This method also tackles the issue of how to minimize the tax burden of passing wealth to future generations.

When you are getting close to retirement, you begin to realize how valuable each year really is. Every year, every month, and every day flies past, and if you don't gain the clarity and the confidence to start living this way right now, another decade will slip by, just like the last decade did. Consequently, make retirement planning a priority right now. Create a plan for your life that will get you where you want to go. Think about where you want to live, the kind of people you want to be around, the kinds of things you want to do, the kinds of services you want to provide, and the kind of health you want to have. You have many years ahead of you to plan and experience something really remarkable. Your Safe Retirement Roadmap by Frank Gutta is a quick, clear, and concise read that will help you on that journey. Very highly recommended (especially for young people) and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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