Never, Ever Get Married

Never, Ever Get MarriedNever, Ever Get Married by Tony Moraffah
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A must-read for those who are thinking about tying the knot...

Every person who is in a relationship has the ultimate goal of one day having a happy marriage. The moment the couple decides to get married and continues down the path of preparing for their wedding, they can't help but develop their own idealized version of what a successful marriage will be like in their heads. Regrettably, for some people it will never be more than a fantasy. They frequently find that the reality is far different from what they had envisioned would be their "happily ever after." Even if they put in their absolute best effort, they could still end up in a relationship that is doomed to fail. Then there are the couples that manage to make their romance work and go on to have a life together that is filled with nothing but joy throughout its entirety. Never, Ever Get Married by Tony Moraffah is a witty, insightful, and practical handbook for those who are thinking about tying the knot or are currently married but want to improve their relationship. Highly recommended.

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