Laela and the Moonline

Laela and the MoonlineLaela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this YA fantasy, a young girl seeks adventure and enlightenment...

International educator Lisa Perskie Rodriguez has spent more than 30 years traveling and living abroad. In international schools in Guatemala, South America, Brazil, and Colombia, she has worked as a teacher and a school administrator. She lived in Colombia for 21 years, where she raised her kids. She was fortunate to have the chance to help the Wayuu in the Guajira region, an Indigenous group living in rural areas. Her writing vision was nourished by her exposure to various cultures and her study of Spanish and Portuguese. She states that integrating, listening to, and cooperating with those who have different worldviews is not just "nice," but essential. The development of our creative abilities must go hand in hand with the advancement of our scientific and cultural knowledge if we are to advocate for a better, kinder, and more just world. Laela and the Moonline is her debut novel.

To summarize the synopsis: The four tribes of Aerizon once coexisted as a single people, but that era has long since passed. Three of the tribes that make up the Treedles now live in the forest canopy. The Treedles are constantly in danger from the Mergons, the fourth tribe, who are ground dwellers. Laela is a young Treedlegirl maturing in the Aerizon's treetop realm. She will serve as the impetus for enormous change in accordance with her yet-to-be-disclosed destiny… Laela becomes increasingly agitated by the cultural restrictions and demands placed on young Treedle women. She encounters soul-changing psychological and physical tests in her quest to comprehend and express her true self. She challenges conventional gender and cultural norms, in contrast to previous Treedle women. She ventures into the forest and onto the lands below, paving the way for a new era while being propelled by unidentified forces… Laela experiences mental struggles as she grows spiritually, which alters how she views the influence one person can have on the world. She finally finds the strength to speak up in defense of herself and her people.

Laela and the Moonline was a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging coming-of-age sci-fi fantasy. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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