One More Sunset

One More Sunset: A NovelOne More Sunset: A Novel by Idan Sheffer
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A nostalgic and touching tale of first love...

There is no shortage of literature that explores the treacherous process of growing up, but few recent efforts encapsulate the layered fears that accompany the coming-of-age experience with as much depth as Idan Sheffer’s “One More Sunset.” One of its strengths is how it both highlights and irreverently squashes all of our conversational timidity and awkwardness when it comes to weighty subjects. We get conversations rich with back-and-forths and uncomfortable honesty.

In summarizing the synopsis, we discover Billy Armstrong, where the only things that he has going for him are punk music, gang violence, and a reputation for terrorizing the streets of downtown New York. After he was caught vandalizing the chemistry lab at his school, he was given 50 hours of community service at the nearby hospital. There, he makes the pleasant and upbeat acquaintance of Jenny, who has been a long-term patient in the cancer ward of the hospital. Despite the fact that Billy and Jenny come from entirely different backgrounds, he can't help but be drawn to Jenny because of her positive and considerate manner. During in-depth, extended chats about art, music, and life, Billy begins to see the world through Jenny's eyes and get a completely new perspective. And, as Billy's two worlds start colliding with one another, he will need to decide which one he wants to live in…

This is a story that has a lot to say about the importance of genuine friendship, anti-Semitism, and religion, and it does not shy away from confronting a challenging issue in its own unique way. This work is an honest coming-of-age story that avoids the facile reflexes that are characteristic of the genre, as well as the sanctimony and staginess of overdone addiction melodramas.

"One More Sunset" is moving without being overly dramatic, and overflows with natural charm; as a result, it possesses a special allure that will undoubtedly endure. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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