Brain Glue: How Selling Becomes Much Easier By Making Your Ideas "Sticky"

Make it stick with Bond - a masterclass in selling strategies...

People often say that life is a sales pitch. We don't intentionally take this view, but it's the truth. The process of persuading a person to agree to a proposal or recommendation is called selling. It's something we routinely do. Acceptance from others, love from others, and attaining what we want in life all require us to "sell ourselves." Most of everything that we do is sales-related, so it stands to reason that we should know something about it!

Brain Glue: How Selling Becomes Much Easier By Making Your Ideas "Sticky" by James I. Bond teaches the reader how to properly promote a product so that it remains in people's minds. It reveals how to showcase your product in ways that will capture people's attention and provides you with the tools you need to promote your goods in a way that appeals to the emotions of potential purchasers. Life is a serious business, and in order to succeed, we must learn the tricks of the trade. This book shows you how.

If you're looking for something positive, uplifting, and empowering for yourself, this book is excellent. The insights you learn from this book are uniquely yours and have the ability to significantly affect your outlook and actions. It's a must-read for both new and experienced entrepreneurs. Highly recommended, and a well-deserved five stars from me.


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