Farewell, My Babylon : A Hardboiled Detective Novel

Farewell, My Babylon : A Hardboiled Detective Novel (Erez Brown Series Book 1)Farewell, My Babylon : A Hardboiled Detective Novel by Davidy Rosenfeld
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A page-turning private investigator mystery thriller...

"Farewell, My Babylon," the first book in the Erez Brown series by Israeli author Avraham Azrieli, is a hardboiled detective story. In the book, Erez Brown, a private eye, is trying to solve a murder case set against the backdrop of modern-day Tel Aviv.

The story starts out with Erez taking on the investigation of a missing young woman. It has been three years since Lea Rubinstein left her home, but only now have her parents, who are Orthodox Jews, shown any interest in locating their daughter. Erez thinks that it's a clear case of a teenage girl fleeing the limitations of a rigorous religious environment and that Lea just doesn't want to be discovered... What should have been a straightforward case for a detective of Erez's talents turns ugly when he is brutally beaten for getting too close to answers and then his discovery of a murder — a prostitute who specializes in dominance and sexual harm has been brutally killed. What should have been a straightforward case has now turned ugly. Is Lea Rubinstein another victim, or is she accountable for what happened?

The story unfolds in small acts, at first feeling slight to touch, then building in emotional substance. The author infuses the spaces between the lines with a pulsing intensity that rolls like a camera in the genre of film noir. The narrative then gets fast-paced and gritty, and the dialogue is sharp and realistic. The author expertly weaves together the different threads of the story, building to a thrilling climax that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

"Farewell, My Babylon" is a well-written and entertaining detective novel that will appeal to fans of hardboiled mystery thrillers. With its vivid descriptions of Tel Aviv and its memorable cast of characters, it is a promising start to the Erez Brown series.

Reading this novel was both compelling and mesmerizing; it comes highly recommended and gets a well-deserved five stars from me.

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