On the Third Watch: Poems of the Second Generation

On the Third Watch: Poems of the Second GenerationOn the Third Watch: Poems of the Second Generation by Mika Hadar
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A moving and inspiring collection of poetry...

Mika Hadar is a multitalented artist, poet, and mind-body instructor. Her poetry is intensely personal and sensitive, and it provides a secure environment in which to investigate things that are difficult to communicate. Her most recent work, titled "On the Third Watch," is a heartfelt ode to her parents, both of whom were Holocaust survivors… Her education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she majored in Hebrew Literature and Philosophy, as well as her studies in art, painting, and mind-body practices in London and Italy, have all had a significant impact on her artistic vision.

The poetry collection 'On The Third Watch' is a powerful work that explores the unspoken trauma of the Holocaust. The author uses her poetic voice to express the memories and experiences she has held since childhood. Her poems are evocative and haunting, taking readers on a journey of remembrance and reflection. The book provides a unique second-generation perspective on the Holocaust, inviting readers to delve into the echoes of a dark history that still affects our world today. Hadar's poetry provides a window into the past, revealing the personal and emotional impact of the Holocaust.

If you're looking for the poet within the poem, look for the emotional undercurrent she's left behind; this work is permeated by a consistent feeling. It is both poignant and powerful, as well as sensitive and soulful. Her paintings of emotional states are wonderful, and she embodies the essence of what it is to be a poet.

'On the Third Watch' is a moving and powerful poetry book that addresses the Holocaust's silent trauma. It is a thought-provoking and moving collection that will appeal to readers interested in Holocaust literature and poetry. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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