Ring Around the Circle: A Story of 'Philantasy'

Ring Around the Circle: A Story of 'Philantasy'Ring Around the Circle: A Story of 'Philantasy' by Ralph Pilolli
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An intriguing storyline that held my attention throughout...

“Ring Around the Circle” by Ralph Pilolli is a well-written book that had me engaged from the beginning and maintained my interest throughout. The pacing is appropriate, neither too slow nor too fast, and has a clear and well-defined plot that is well-developed with fully realized characters. It’s a narrative that offers a unique vision fusing adventure, deception, and redemption that’s set against the backdrop of a political landscape. What impressed me the most was the author's skill when it came to world-building and setting the plot, as every element of the plot has a purpose towards the end of the story. There's enough action and politics that feel very current in terms of the greed, power struggles, and intrigue that characterize both. Thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Five stars from me.

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