I Am a Survivor

I Am a SurvivorI Am a Survivor by Janice E Holliman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An exceptional survival memoir...

Reading about someone else's triumph through adversity might be comforting. They can demonstrate to people that even in bleak situations, they can succeed if they keep working. These stories can give us a new perspective on life, reminding us of what matters most and showing us how to persevere to achieve our goals. Motivating narratives can bring people together, build community, and enhance our bonds with those who have experienced similar life experiences. Janice E. Holliman’s “I Am a Survivor” is an exceptional survival biography that will truly inspire all those who read this woman’s incredible story.

It's clear that the author has a compelling story to tell, but there are a number of grammatical errors throughout the book. The writing would benefit from the expertise of a skilled editor. Nonetheless, the book comes highly recommended. 4 ½ stars from me.

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