Beating the Bladder Blues: In 5 Easy Steps

Beating the Bladder Blues: In 5 Easy StepsBeating the Bladder Blues: In 5 Easy Steps by Doug Setter
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Regaining control - beating the bladder blues...

Doug Setter's "Beating the Bladder Blues: In 5 Easy Steps" is a comprehensive guide that caters to those who suffer from urinary incontinence. The book is a product of the author's years of research and personal experience, presenting practical and straightforward advice in a clear and concise manner. By equipping readers with the necessary tools for muscle control and behavioral strategies, the book aims to assist readers in regaining control of their lives and improving their overall bladder health. Additionally, the author offers insights into understanding urination triggers and safeguarding the prostate - both topics that are critical for those ‘aiming’ to better their bladder health. Pun intended and highly recommended!

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