C’mon Funk Move Your Ass: How a Demure Little Wife Made Her Husband a Big City Mayor

C’mon Funk Move Your Ass: How a Demure Little Wife Made Her Husband a Big City Mayor (C'mon Funk Book 2)C’mon Funk Move Your Ass: How a Demure Little Wife Made Her Husband a Big City Mayor by Gloria Squitiro
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A spirited and captivating memoir...

C’mon Funk Move Your Ass by Gloria Squitiro is a spirited and captivating memoir that takes readers on a wild ride through the world of grassroots political campaigns. As Funk, the unassuming and principled auditor of Kansas City, decides to run for mayor against a deeply entrenched political regime, his wife Gloria puts her own ambitions on hold to become the driving force behind his campaign.

This true story of democracy in action unfolds with remarkable candor and humor. Squitiro's vibrant and lively storytelling brings to life a cast of unforgettable characters, from Dottie and Slick to the passionate and extravagantly Italian-American Gloria herself. Through colorful language and her unique perspective, Squitiro invites readers to become fully invested in the people and events she describes.

The book showcases the challenges faced by the couple as they navigate a rented, broken-down trailer for campaign headquarters, financial instability, and the constant fear of failure. Squitiro's determination and chutzpah shine through as she fearlessly takes on the KC political old boys' network, proving that resilience and unwavering determination can conquer any obstacle.

As readers accompany Squitiro on this rollercoaster ride, they are treated to moments of laughter, surprise, and heartfelt emotion. Her sharp wit and keen observations make the book an incredibly fascinating and enjoyable read from beginning to end. Through Squitiro's storytelling, readers gain a first-hand understanding of the trials and tribulations of a grassroots political campaign, and the power of chutzpah and determination in achieving victory.

"C’mon Funk Move Your Ass" is a must-read for anyone interested in the intricacies of politics, the triumph of the underdog, and the indomitable spirit of individuals fighting for change. Squitiro's memoir is an inspiring testament to the power of grassroots activism and the unwavering belief that ordinary people can make a difference. Highly recommended.

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