Lineage: A Trail of Shaman

Lineage: A Trail of ShamanLineage: A Trail of Shaman by Annie Kochert
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A mesmerizing Native American tale...

Lineage I: A Trail of Shaman by Annie Kochert takes readers on a fascinating journey into the Land of the Ancient Humans. The story revolves around Bittoo, a young boy who unwittingly becomes the target of Ceda, a self-serving Deity with malicious intentions. What follows is a captivating tale of survival, self-discovery, and the clash between ancient beliefs and treacherous forces.

The author skillfully weaves in Native American spiritual traditions, drawing upon authentic research to create a mythical realm. The exploration of rituals, the struggle between good and evil, and the themes of self-sacrifice and responsibility add depth to the story, making it relevant and thought-provoking. The characters are compelling and relatable, facing their own fears and inner struggles as they navigate the passage from adolescence to adulthood.

Lineage I: A Trail of Shaman is a captivating and inspiring novel that will appeal to a wide audience. Its blend of adventure, spirituality, and coming-of-age themes makes it a compelling read for both adults and young adults. A great read that comes highly recommended, and gets a well-deserved five stars from me.

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