OCELLICON: Future Visions

OCELLICON: Future VisionsOCELLICON: Future Visions by A.G. Russo
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A gripping military sci-fi tale of justice, prejudice, and self-destruction...

OCELLICON by A.G. Russo is a multi-genre military science fiction story with elements of legal, detective, mystery, feminist, and noir sci-fi. The book is set in a world where Earth has barely survived nuclear battles and the military has taken over from authoritarians to maintain peace. However, rebellion is stirring from within, and Prosecutor Major Annalisa Farrell, a Military Academy honors graduate, war hero, wounded warrior, and child abuse survivor, is fighting to champion justice.

Annalisa's journey to a position of power is unparalleled as she was a "wild child of the tunnels" before her adoption by General Farrell saved her life, and gave her a loving family, and a mission as a daughter to be proud of. However, her suspected genetic engineering caused unfounded prejudice to follow her through the ranks. Annalisa's story is one of overcoming personal trauma, battling prejudice, and fighting for justice against an unexpected adversary, Judge Bennett McCrae, the "Judge Prince."

The book is not only action-packed but also explores complex themes like human emotions, passion, and obsession in a world where marriage contracts, casual sexual standards, and the freedom to pursue multiple partners cannot entirely eliminate them. The story also delves into the question of whether humans can save themselves from their self-destruction, given their tumultuous emotions.

The book comes with a content warning as it includes descriptions of child sexual and physical abuse and extreme violence. These scenes are written in a manner that may be triggering for some readers. Nonetheless, this is a unique and compelling read that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat with its mix of action, suspense, and complex themes. It's a book that is not afraid to tackle the difficult subject matter and provides a strong female protagonist fighting for justice in a world of turmoil. Recommended.

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