Lilli's Song

Lilli's SongLilli's Song by Betty Johansen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Christian mystery/suspense.

Lilli's Song by Betty Johansen is a Christian mystery novel set in the quiet town of Skyport, Texas. When 14-year-old Lilli Park mysteriously disappears, the community is left puzzled, and some speculate that she may have been abducted by aliens. Johansen weaves together elements of suspense, faith, and the supernatural, keeping readers somewhat engaged throughout the story.

While the book delves heavily into religious themes and incorporates Christian values, it may not appeal to all readers. However, for young adult readers familiar with Christian literature, Lilli's Song offers a narrative with touches of drama and mystery.

Although the writing style may come across as youthful and some readers may find certain aspects of the book less engaging, Johansen's genuine intentions shine through, showcasing her care for the story and attention to detail. While the ending and epilogue may be overtly Christian in nature, the earlier sections of the novel provide a more novelistic tone that is more universally accessible. Recommended.

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