Rise: Birth of a Revolution (The Ricchan Chronicles Book 1)

Rise: Birth of a RevolutionRise: Birth of a Revolution by Mark S. Moore
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A well-crafted historical fantasy...

Mark Moore's "Rise: Birth of a Revolution" is an acclaimed debut historical fantasy that delves into a precarious world teetering on the edge of collapse. Garnering recognition as an award-winning first novel, "Rise" presents a compelling narrative of struggle and resistance amidst conflict and treachery. Damien, driven by his conscience, faces a pivotal choice between upholding his principles and remaining within his familiar sphere. As Victoria, an unlikely leader, seeks to rally a rebellion, their partnership becomes instrumental in challenging the dominance of the colonial superpower. Moore's gripping portrayal of revolution, betrayal, and redemption establishes this book as a must-read for enthusiasts of the genre.

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