Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises (Legacy of Seven, #1)

Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises (Legacy of Seven, #1)Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises by P. J. Flie
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A well-crafted Y/A sci-fi fantasy...

"Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises", by P.J. Flie, is a captivating work of fantasy that features a wide range of characters representing various backgrounds and identities. Ondreeal, a young female from an agricultural setting, possesses the pivotal element that determines the interconnected fates of those involved. The novel presents an enthralling narrative encompassing elements of sorcery, dynamic events, and thrilling exploits, effectively captivating the attention of readers from its inception. The narrative gains additional depth through Ondreeal's transformative process of self-discovery and personal development as a heroic figure. Highly recommended for readers who have a keen interest in the sci-fi fantasy genre and are seeking a captivating and thrilling read.

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