Softball Strikeout: The New Girl

Softball Strikeout: The New GirlSoftball Strikeout: The New Girl by Ben Jackson
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Softball, friendship, and new beginnings—a young pitcher's journey...

"Softball Strikeout: The New Girl" by Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence takes readers on a thrilling journey into the world of softball, friendship, and new beginnings.

Olivia, the main character, finds herself facing a new town, a new school, and the challenge of making her mark on a new softball team. Softball has always been Olivia's passion, and she's determined to prove herself as a skilled pitcher. But living in Greenville now means she must try out for the Blue Jays and earn her spot on the team.

As Olivia navigates the trials of tryouts and adjusts to a new school, she’s also on the lookout for lasting friendships. Will she succeed in earning her place on the team and forging new connections? The book captures the ups and downs of Olivia's journey, keeping readers engaged and rooting for her success.

"Softball Strikeout: The New Girl" is a captivating read for young readers aged 8–14 who are interested in sports, friendship, and the challenges of starting fresh. The book immerses readers in Olivia's world, providing relatable experiences and valuable life lessons along the way.

Join Olivia on her quest to conquer the softball field and discover if she can overcome the obstacles that come with being the new girl. Don't miss out on this exciting and heartwarming tale of determination and growth. A special mention also goes to Tanya Zeinalova for the excellent illustrations. Highly recommended.

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