High Wire by Kam Majd

High WireHigh Wire by Kam Majd
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An electrifying thriller that unfolds at high altitudes...

"High Wire" by Kam Majd delivers an electrifying thriller that unfolds at high altitudes. Captain Kate Gallagher's routine flight transforms into a heart-pounding ordeal when a deadly computer virus infiltrates the plane's controls, leaving her battling both technology and treacherous conditions.

In a gripping race against time, Kate confronts a harrowing choice as the plane hurtles toward disaster. The aftermath casts her as the scapegoat, forcing her to grapple with blame and humiliation, all while her family's safety hangs in the balance. Determined to unravel the truth, Kate embarks on a perilous journey that uncovers a chilling conspiracy poised to unleash another catastrophic event.

With pulse-pounding urgency, "High Wire" propels readers through twists and turns. Kate's resilience takes center stage as she fights not only to clear her name but to thwart a malevolent plan that threatens countless lives. Majd's narrative mastery combines with gripping tension, thrusting readers into the cockpit of a high-stakes battle against a relentless adversary—time itself. This suspenseful tale captures the essence of sacrifice, heroism, and the unyielding spirit of a pilot ready to defy all odds. Highly recommended.

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