THE VANDALS: Book 2 - Rampage Through Gaul

THE VANDALS: Book 2 - Rampage Through GaulTHE VANDALS: Book 2 - Rampage Through Gaul by Edmund Karlsson
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A riveting historical account...

"THE VANDALS: Book 2 - Rampage Through Gaul" vividly chronicles the rise of the seemingly inconspicuous Asding Vandals from obscurity to a Mediterranean dominion that shook Rome's foundations. Author Edmund Karlsson weaves history's lesser-known tale, spotlighting the Vandals as pivotal agents in the Western Roman Empire's decline, particularly through the leadership of King Gaeseric. The book's second installment commences with the Vandals and Alans crossing the Rhine, unleashing havoc upon Mongontiacum and exploiting the chaos of Roman civil strife to establish themselves in Gaul. Collaborating with Romano-Briton General Gerontius, their campaign propels them through Aquitaine, devastating Burdigala en route, and ultimately crossing the Pyrenees. A riveting historical account, this book paints a captivating portrait of the Vandals' transformative journey through Gaul, reshaping the trajectory of an empire and reshuffling the pages of history. A great read that comes highly recommended.

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