IntergalacticaIntergalactica by F.P. Trotta
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A brilliant gem in the sci-fi genre...

"Intergalactica" by F. P. Trotta is a thrilling addition to the world of science fiction and the first book from this Brazilian space opera series now available in English. The story revolves around NASA's manned expedition to explore Jupiter's moon, Europa. Neuropsychiatrist Amanda awakened from a coma, becomes a key player against an underground entity called The Firm, which plans to hijack the spacecraft and head for a distant habitable planet.

Trotta's narrative takes us on an epic journey from Earth to space and back. Dr. Amanda Collins, with friends Ripley and Stryker, forms an unlikely team to thwart an evil genius—shockingly, her own father. The story unfolds at breakneck speed, although character depth could be improved. Trotta's vivid descriptions, blending philosophical themes with action, make it a must-read for intellectually stimulating science fiction fans.

Despite translation issues, "Intergalactica" remains a gripping space odyssey. Captain Aria Nova leads a diverse crew on a cosmic exploration with eloquent prose and intricate world-building. The novel excels at weaving philosophy into its plot, offering a thought-provoking reading experience with unexpected twists. It's a brilliant gem in the sci-fi genre, combining mind-stirring ideas with heart-pounding action for fans of intellectually rich adventures. Recommended.

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