Shelter in a Hostile World: A Love and Peace Novella (Love and Peace Series)

Shelter in a Hostile World: A Love and Peace Novella (Love and Peace Series)Shelter in a Hostile World: A Love and Peace Novella by Mack Little
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A captivating exploration of Caribbean history...

"Shelter in a Hostile World" by Mack Little, the second installment in her Love and Peace series, is a captivating exploration of Caribbean history, artfully woven into the life journey of Badu Obosi. This novella transports readers to a time of immense challenges and enduring love. Badu's infatuation with the enchanting Ekemma sets the stage for a compelling narrative. In a world where powerful forces conspire to keep them apart, their love story unfolds against the backdrop of 17th-century Igboland and Barbados. The author masterfully paints a vivid picture of these historical settings, making the reader feel like a time traveler, immersed in the heart of these locales. The depth of character development in "Shelter in a Hostile World" is truly remarkable.

The author doesn't simply recount facts; she allows readers to experience Igbo history through the eyes of her characters. This approach turns history into a living, breathing entity rather than a dry sociological study. Her storytelling prowess shines, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in her Love and Peace series.

If you're in search of a historical fiction novella that combines education and captivation, this is a must-read. Highly recommended.

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