That Time I Died

That Time I DiedThat Time I Died by Naomi Peled Schneider
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An excellent coming-of-age tale of courage and self-discovery...

‘That Time I Died’ by Naomi Peled Schneider is an engaging young adult novel that delves into the profound exploration of the human spirit's ability to endure and overcome challenges. The narrative centers on Yair, an 18-year-old individual with a strong athletic inclination, whose life undergoes a profound and distressing transformation upon experiencing paralysis that affects his entire body from the neck downward. The initial perception of his condition suggests an unfortunate incident, yet subsequent revelations gradually reveal indications of a deliberate and preplanned action.

As Yair confronts the challenges of his altered circumstances, he discovers comfort in unforeseen sources. In a state of solitude and within the confines of his hospital bed, he initiates deep and meaningful dialogues with God. These dialogues serve as a crucial source of support for him, granting him the resilience necessary to confront the obstacles he faces.

The narrative undergoes a surreal shift as Yair fails to regain consciousness following a surgical procedure, resulting in his existence being suspended in a liminal state between life and the afterlife. As the temporal constraints become increasingly pressing, he is faced with the decision to engage in a struggle for survival and confront the formidable enigmas originating from his personal history.

Naomi Peled Schneider, a highly acclaimed screenwriter, showcases her exceptional narrative skills in her inaugural novel. The narrative explores profound aspects of personal growth as it delves into the intricate themes of resilience, atonement, and the profound impact of religious beliefs.

Schneider's narrative will successfully captivate young adult readers thanks to its engaging plot and likable characters. This narrative serves as a poignant illustration of the indomitable nature of the human psyche and its inherent ability to undergo personal development, even when confronted with profound and transformative obstacles. The book transcends the boundaries of a mere novel as it embarks on a profound and thought-provoking expedition that resonates deeply with its readers. This captivating narrative underscores the significance of deriving wisdom from our past errors and embracing the transformative influence of faith. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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