Trevor Takes Flight

Trevor Takes FlightTrevor Takes Flight by Sam Lawrence
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A heartwarming and empowering tale for young children...

"Trevor Takes Flight" by Sam Lawrence and Ben Jackson delivers a heartwarming and empowering tale that will resonate deeply with young readers. Meet Trevor, a goose who outwardly appears just like his feathered companions, but there's a tiny yet significant difference: he can't fly!

As winter envelops Canada in a snowy embrace, Trevor faces a unique challenge. While his friends embark on their annual migration south, Trevor remains behind, trapped in the cold and solitude of Canada. The story paints a touching picture of Trevor's loneliness as he watches his friends take flight, leaving him behind. However, this year, something remarkable stirs within Trevor—an unwavering determination to overcome his limitations and take to the skies. His sheer determination and resolve shine through, illuminating the story with a powerful message of self-belief and perseverance, no matter how imposing the obstacles may seem.

Lawrence and Jackson's storytelling brings Trevor's emotions and experiences to life, making this book both engaging and educational. The vibrant illustrations add depth to Trevor's relatable character, allowing young readers to connect with his journey on a personal level. "Trevor Takes Flight" is a delightful read that imparts valuable life lessons wrapped in a heartwarming story. Very highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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