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The Indictment: The Arab-Israel Conflict in Historical PerspectiveThe Indictment: The Arab-Israel Conflict in Historical Perspective by Sabina Citron
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A book well worth reading...

We’re living at a time in human history where emotions are more important than the facts. In a world flooded with instant information, it’s astonishing how much of that information is passed off as true. It’s easy to manipulate, distort or omit certain facts to spin a particular narrative. And a generation driven by emotion, ignoring factual evidence, makes for perilous times.

Furthermore, to reiterate my point, this author states that this generation "claims to abhor the violence of war, nevertheless appears to have unending patience and understanding for the new enemy the world is facing, regardless of the horrible, brutal, and savage violence it employs in pursuit of its goals."

The Indictment: Antisemitism, Islamic Terror and the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Sabina Citron is a book well worth reading regardless of which political divide you come from, what religious cloth you’re cut from and especially those who believe what they are told without ever questioning or fact checking. It’s an interesting and informative read that touches on contentious issues that will no doubt raise more than a few eyebrows.

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