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My Kind of GuyMy Kind of Guy by Paddy Bostock
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"The problem with political jokes is that they get elected."...

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The problem with political jokes is that they get elected." People enjoy political humor because it’s something that everyone can relate to. The public generally blames the government for everything, so everyone basically appreciates humor in politics. In truth, this particular source of hilarity is almost always delivered in a satire-like manner. It’s generally amusing, and it doesn’t detract from the real issue. In fact, it addresses whatever political issue is at hand. Well, at least there’s a lot of material for political humor. Bostock's book is a satire, and a good one. It's an entertaining, page-turning story that will keep the reader involved. It's playful, funny, and even a little naughty here and there.

MY KIND OF GUY by Paddy Bostock is a wonderfully written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The author weaves a well-crafted political fiction with a generous sprinkling of sarcasm and British wit. Intriguing twists and turns also ensures that this book will captivate the reader from the first page to the last. I’ve read this author before and it’s safe to say that his storylines leaves the reader spellbound. Paddy Bostock leaves the reader again mesmerized with his latest novel. From beginning to end, the author holds the reader’s interest.

The book description gives a sneak preview: ‘Appointed by Lizzie Leah to locate her lost lover, whom she knows by the name of Leo McGuire, PI (and ex-spy) Mervyn Vincent discovers that the object of his quest is not only a gigolo with a harem of “Mrs. McGuire’s” across the continents, but also a valuable player (real name Leon Devine) in an international right-wing cartel. Realizing that there’s more to Leon than meets the eye, Mervyn joins forces with his sister Taya, and Lizzie to reform the young man and channel his abilities into worthier causes, thereby impacting, albeit modestly, the global power machinery.’

Now, if that’s not enough to grab your attention, I don’t know what will. But if you want to find out what happens, you’ll just have to turn the pages for yourself! However, I will say it was well worth the read. I’ve read this author several times before and he delivers every time.

The story had every element an excellent story should have. A solid plot, attention to detail, but best of all fleshed out, well-written and well-rounded character development. There’s an abundance of well-illustrated scenes that make you feel you are right there in the story, and that’s something I look for in a good book.

I enjoyed the story, character development, and dialogue. There were plenty of plot twists that I didn’t see coming and that added to the book’s mystique. When I stopped reading to work, I found myself wondering what happened in the book, and replaying parts of the novel in my head to see if I could figure more out. It has been a while since I enjoyed a book this much. It’s a first-class political satire with perfect pacing.

The contrast between tone and content is a characteristic talent of only a few authors. Bostock pays as much attention to his sentences as he does to his plots, shifting or merging meaning with the use of a single word. His writing is impeccably honed, full of juxtapositions and qualifications that help to create a satirical atmosphere that will leave you laughing out loud.

There’s no doubt that MY KIND OF GUY is an exceptionally well-written book. However, it must be said that this story is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. A word of caution, therefore, for the ‘linguistically sensitive’ among us. Nevertheless, the themes and outcome are just as affecting in the arresting contemporary political landscape.

Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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