Arcadia's Children 3 Pushley's Escape

Arcadia's Children 3 Pushley's EscapeArcadia's Children 3 Pushley's Escape by Andrew R. Williams
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Arcadia's Children 3 Pushley's Escape… the adventure continues!

Forty-some years ago my uncle gave me a science fiction anthology. It was a thick red hardback that I read from cover to cover. It inspired a lifelong love of the genre. The stories in that book made me think outside the box. They filled me with awe for the imagination it took to write them. That book still remains in my collection today. The title is OMNIBUS OF SCIENCE FICTION, edited by Groff Conklin, a well-known and prolific editor of the genre. It was published in 1952, the Golden Age of Science Fiction. It’s a substantial volume, 562 pages, with 43 stories divided into sections relating to a common theme. Some stories are fun, some are thought-provoking, and some are adventurous. I love them all.

Arcadia's Children 3 Pushley's Escape by Andrew R. Williams is the third installment in the Arcadia's Children series. The author weaves another well-crafted sci-fi fantasy that will grab readers and hurl them far beyond the boundaries of our limited world. The threads of storytelling are expertly woven in this highly imaginative science fiction tale that guarantees the attention of the reader. Skillfully constructed, this fantasy will have you turning the pages from beginning to end. The imagery in the writing style makes you feel like you are right there in the story.

As with the previous two books in this series the ARCADIA’S CHILDREN: SAMANTHA’S REVENGE and ARCADIA’S CHILDREN 2: THE FYFIELD PLANTATION, the main characters remain the same; Mick Tarmy, Claire Hyndman and Nonie Tomio. The author introduces us to this installment with the following synopsis: ‘Ed Pushley is an archaeologist, but his mind has been taken over by a spettro that Mick Tarmy dubbed as Irrelevant. (My name is Irrelevant, Mr. Tarmy.) …Irrelevant and Pushley are now one. Following Irrelevant’s death their minds have fused. Kept captive by Alton Mygael, Pushley frantically tries to find a means of escape. Damaging his isolation helmet during a moment of frustration, Pushley realizes that with perseverance he can remove it, and can use Irrelevant’s immense psychic powers to gain his freedom. Once he does, what will he do to Mick Tarmy and his team? Pushley is intent on revenge.’

I enjoyed the story, the continued character development, and dialogue. There were plenty of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and that added to the book’s magic. When I stopped reading to work, I found myself wondering what happened in the book, and replaying parts of the novel in my head to see if I could figure more out. It has been a while since I enjoyed a book this much. It’s a first-class sci-fi fantasy with perfect pacing.

I’m a big fan of science fiction, so this for me was a phenomenal read. For sci-fi fans looking for an interesting, three-dimensional and stimulating read, this would be a great find. I’m giving nothing further away here. And this, I hope, will only add to the mystery and enjoyment for the reader.

I’ll be looking forward to reading more from Andrew R. Williams in the future. A well-deserved five stars from me.

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