The Uncommon Man by Celedonio Javier

The Uncommon ManThe Uncommon Man by Celedonio Javier
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A powerful and inspirational story...

The Uncommon Man by Celedonio Javier is a very vivid and compelling read. This meaningfully written narrative is the living record of a man who triumphed over humble beginnings to become a confidante of former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos. He wrote this book ‘to provide insights on how a peasant’s son, born of meager means, was able to fulfill his dream of becoming an UNCOMMON MAN.’

People write memoirs to fixate, analyze, share, or rethink past events. This book refers to important and significant moments in the authors life. It’s a fascinating story that brings the reader face-to-face with important insights about his life as he shares his journey with us. This was a brilliant read that will leave you feeling like a better person for having read it. Highly recommended reading.

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