The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership by Shawn Abrams

The Seven Epaulettes of LeadershipThe Seven Epaulettes of Leadership by Shawn Abrams
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Since the establishment of business, organizations have searched for clues to help identify and select successful leaders. They have searched for people of vision with that rare combination of attributes that help them serve as motivator, business driver, and authority figure. The concept of leadership has been widely observed and frequently studied, but a thorough understanding of what defines successful leadership has always remained just out of reach, until now.

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership by Shawn Abrams provides an easier way to determine the perfect leadership recipe for your organization across multiple behavioral dimensions. It’s a fascinating read that will help you to expand your thought process, teach you how not to be told how to “think” about something or someone, and to be creative in your search for alternative answers. A book that shows the true purpose and moral side of leadership, it’s an invaluable resource for both personal and professional growth. Highly recommended.

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