Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet

Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl PoetBecoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet by Nadia Janice Brown
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An inspiring collection of poetry and articles...

BECOMING: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet by award-winning author and poet Nadia Brown is a fine collection of inspirational poetry.

Poetry has lost a lot of its flavor in this new age. When time moves past the current age, the next generation are always influenced by the previous generations even if that influence manifests as a rejection of the values of those who’ve gone before. BECOMING: The Life & Musings of a Girl, however, lacks the awkward self-consciousness of post-modernism even when it compliments it, and that is its beautiful defining element. An example of the poetry to be discovered here is as follows:


Tomorrow stands tall amidst doubt
how she eagerly awaits
to seep through the cracks of dawn
fresh flowers she lifts from her coat
as she walks the aisle of sky
like a bride in her evening gown
touting the rising of hope
a promise only she can bring
kindly wiping away the ails of yesterday
and beginning anew

What I took away from this wonderful collection of poetry is that life is a wonderful combination of difficult experiences that are paradoxically intertwined with experiences of happiness in our lives. The difficult experiences are usually surprising, and we will never be ready for them. However, they make us resilient and make us appreciate what is there. Therefore, even with difficulty, one must not forget to be grateful. Because showing gratitude is a source of power that connects great faith and hope.’

Highly recommended collection for all poetry lovers.

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