Unscrambled EggsUnscrambled Eggs by Nadia Janice Brown
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An inspiring collection of poetry...

UNSCRAMBLED EGGS by award-winning author and poet Nadia Brown is a fine debut collection of inspirational poetry.

The poems in this book were written over a five‐year period and reflect the authors own experiences, those close to her, and issues that she feels very passionately about. UNSCRAMBLED EGGS, she believes, is an honest and thought‐provoking book that deals with everyday life issues. It’s a compilation of poems about living your dream and finding purpose. An example of the poetry to be discovered here is as follows:

Life is a peculiar play,
an amphitheater of prose.
I am mindful of my part,
of rudimentary scripts
that no one fathoms.
On this regal stage lives a story,
a defining blueprint.
Here, we are all characters portraying our elected roles,
living like the puppets we are.
Some ill prepared
for the proclivity of plots
that comes with dramatic years.
I close my stanzas knowing
there is always something
learned from fiction
that time shows its foresight
so we do not become an untimely act
and reprise the role of tragedy.

This is a beautiful collection of poems, written by a very talented poet. It is a collection to savor and reread. You will find yourself coming back to it over and over as life changes happen, each time gaining more wisdom, advice, and peace from the words within. The poet invites the reader to slow down, read and enjoy each poem, while reflecting on how it relates to your life.

If you are looking for the poet inside the poem, look for the undercurrent she has left, the continuous hint of feeling can be found everywhere throughout this work. It’s powerful and strong, yet delicate and descriptive. Her pictures of emotional moods are painted beautifully. She has captured the essence of what a poet is. It’s only on the rare occasion that I get the opportunity to describe a poet in this way.

Highly recommended collection for all poetry lovers and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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