Story Intelligence : Master Story, Master Life

Story Intelligence : Master Story, Master LifeStory Intelligence : Master Story, Master Life by Richard Stone
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‘Tools to craft a more desirable future.’

Even before primitive societies put chisel to stone and began writing, one group held a special place in these communities because of their communication skills: storytellers. Today, storytelling may seem quaint. It's not. Thanks to technology, some of the largest and savviest organizations in the world are discovering that storytelling is even more important today - and more powerful. Storytelling is so powerful that it should be the primary goal of all public relations. By focusing on storytelling we tap into an essential human motivator that has propelled humankind for thousands of years.

Story Intelligence: Master Story, Master Life by Richard Stone and Scott Livengood is a book that has helped me clarify my thinking, process my feelings, and make better decisions. If you are you ready to stop drifting and design a life you love, this read with help you on your journey. The overall tone was simply imparting knowledge, personal experience and wisdom in a gentle and generous way. Their words will help to better equip you to interpret and handle life in a whole new way, which in turn will bring peace, love and joy into your personal and professional life. No matter what your situation is today, this book will put you on the right path to better things. If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement, this book comes highly recommended.

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