The 'GREAT' Kickin' Dog: a family tree

The 'GREAT' Kickin' Dog: a family treeThe 'GREAT' Kickin' Dog: a family tree by Kenneth Crutchfield
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A must-read captivating family saga...

The 'GREAT' Kickin' Dog: a family tree by Kenneth Crutchfield is a superbly written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The threads of storytelling are so expertly woven in this family drama that it guarantees the attention of the reader. Skillfully constructed and set against the backdrop of the housing projects on the south side of Chicago, this enthralling emotionally charged drama had me turning the pages from beginning to end.

There’s no doubt that The 'GREAT' Kickin' Dog is an exceptionally well written book. The contrast between tone and content is a characteristic talent of only a few authors. Crutchfield pays as much attention to his sentences as he does to his plots, shifting or consolidating meaning with the use of a single word. His writing is impeccably honed, full of juxtapositions and qualifications that help to create an authentic atmosphere throughout.

Above all else, The 'GREAT' Kickin' Dog gives us great insight to the push and pull of familial bonds. Thanks to exemplary work by Kenneth Crutchfield, that exploration of the home feels vital and vivid, never mundane. If you are looking for a well-written family saga with amazing characters and a gripping plot then this book will not leave you disappointed. An accomplished playwright, this first novel is loosely based on the authors own family. Highly recommended.

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