Cool Math Games for Kids (Kids Books Ages 9-12 Book 2)

Cool Math Games for Kids (Kids Books Ages 9-12 Book 2)Cool Math Games for Kids by Eric Z.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A clever way of introducing math while having fun!

Education is at the heart of our society and plays a fundamental role in the development and wellbeing of our children. As always, author Eric Z motivates his young readers by instilling a sense of leadership, self-esteem and self-respect. He delivers again with this clever book by introducing math to young children while having fun! The author offers more than just the standard Kindle edition as this book comes with:

Big oversize templates of the number and dice for kids 4 to 6
"EASY YATZEE" for kids 5 to 9
Yatzee for kids 9 and up (adults love this game too!)
Mountain: for kids 4 to 9
Easy Sudokus for Kids: Lots of them!
AND... All downloadable printables

Very highly recommended and a well deserved five stars from me.

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