With the Sea Beside Me

With the Sea Beside Me: An intimate guide to California's central and north coastWith the Sea Beside Me: An intimate guide to California's central and north coast by Meade Fischer
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Transcendent and engrossing travel guide...

Meade Fischer confirms that whenever and wherever we travel it is the experience that matters, the here and now, and crucially how that changes us, rather than confirms what we expected or anticipated when we decided to go there. In an age where we are told that travel experience can be bought as a package, it is interesting and instructive to travel through the eyes of another, both refreshing and enlightening to share another visitor's insight from a different time as we explore a new experience of travel ourselves.

With the Sea Beside Me the descriptions are lyrical and vivid. As the synopsis explains: ‘… imagine being an adventure traveler setting out to explore the California Coast. Then imagine climbing in beside someone with intimate local knowledge of the coast and all its opportunities for outdoor exploration and enjoyment. With the Sea Beside Me is a guidebook, a running narrative and a collection of travel literature vignettes, a book that can be read for entertainment before departing and then referred to along the road. From Santa Barbara to the Oregon border, Fischer points out the great places to camp, outstanding hikes, kayaking and surfing spots, brew pubs, restaurants, lodging, interesting back roads and some of the fascinating people the traveler should stop to meet along the way. The road stories give the reader a sense of the places and the people, making each area feel familiar before arriving...’

If you've ever wanted to experience the California Coast, this is a great book to start with. If you love to travel, you will absolutely love reading about Meade's experiences. If you are nervous about traveling, then become an armchair traveler by starting with this book; you may just find that it makes you brave and ready for an adventure. Another great read by this author for all travel lovers. Highly recommended.

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