Out of the Shadows (Nick Seven Book 8)

Out of the Shadows (Nick Seven)Out of the Shadows by Tim Smith
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A plot seasoned with a healthy helping of both mystery and intrigue...

Out of the Shadows, the eighth installment in the Nick Seven series by award-winning and best-selling author Tim Smith is another well-crafted murder mystery with intriguing twists and turns. The author spins a whodunit that is riveting, moves at a fast pace, and is very vivid and convincing in its narrative. Furthermore, the characters are portrayed with a high level of believability and conviction. It's a page-turning mystery thriller that had me hooked from the very beginning to the very last page.

In summarizing the synopsis we discover Nick Seven who has built for himself a life far apart from the intrigue that once characterized his time in the CIA amid the relaxed calm of the Florida Keys. He maintains a low profile while managing his trendy club on the Gulf Coast and spending time with Felicia his Barbadian lover and former co-worker… However, he’s now thrown into an investigation after seeing a woman being murdered at a resort, but there is no body and no proof of a crime. He must conduct an investigation himself since the police are preoccupied with a spate of high-profile house burglaries and lack the time to search for his imaginary victim… Entwined in this murder mystery is Marco St. Julian, a French con artist, who abruptly reappears from Nick's past, a convicted financial scammer's affluent young trophy wife, an ambitious FBI agent, a shadowy Cuban thief, and an ex-pat Irish gunrunner… ‘How can a couple of former spies enjoy life in their personal corner of paradise, when things from the past keep coming back to haunt them?’

"Out of the Shadows" offered stunningly realistic descriptions of the settings, the scenarios, and the characters, and it was seasoned with a healthy helping of both mystery and intrigue. The author's use of natural dialogue contributed much more genuineness to the story's mood and overall atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed this installment and highly recommend it. It gets a well-deserved five stars from me.

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