The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers by Ruth H Finnegan

The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers: A question of knowledgeThe Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers: A question of knowledge by Ruth H Finnegan
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Discovering the little-known world of taxi drivers...

What seems like a normal day for a taxi driver may be a very different experience for passengers. They spend their days (and nights) working and moving throughout the city, and they can transport you just about everywhere you want to go. But we seldom stop to consider how or why they can perform so well in any given situation. Character profiles of individuals who, like the taxi driver, may seem invisible to us but whose lives are fascinating and full of difficulties, aspirations, and goals much like our own are presented in this book with the author's characteristic blend of warmth and expertise.

By all accounts, Ruth H. Finnegan's The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers is an intriguing look into the lives of cabbies. This in-depth analysis covers the whole spectrum of transportation, from the first cabs to the advent of Uber. This amusing look into the life and customs of taxi drivers provides an insider's perspective via the use of photographs, anecdotes, and illustrations. This intriguing book is a must-read and won't disappoint. A well-deserved five stars from me.

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