A Father's Gift

A Father's GiftA Father's Gift by Victor Dyson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In a magical setting, the fears of being a parent are explored...

Victor Dyson’s fantasy debut novel “A Father's Gift,” tells the story of how Sam's mother left him when he was just five years old in order to protect him from an evil wizard who craved his strength. That malevolent sorcerer was his own father! Sam was placed in the hands of his ‘uncles’ Ervin and Eugene, who were hunters of evil magic and demons. Sam initially enjoyed feeling like a hero, but self-doubt and anxiety made him feel like an outsider. He leaves the dark powers he fought alongside his ‘uncles’ for years to pursue a regular life. Those terrible forces and his own magic would not, however, be easily forgotten. Now that he has a child of his own, Sam must confront his inner demons as he battles real demons and many others to safeguard his family.

Within the context of a fantastical universe, an examination of the stresses associated with being a parent is presented in “A Father's Gift.” A highly recommended fantasy that gets a well-deserved five stars from me.

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